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A standard insurance policy is fine for a standard house, and an average homeowner.  But when you’ve invested in a home with distinctive or custom features, you should consider a Masterpiece®  policy from as your insurance solution.  Compared to typical industry policies, Masterpiece®  insurance policies can provide superior coverage and service.  Should a claim occur, you will have the Masterpiece® advantage, which allows you to restore your home with all of its unique and special features.

Masterpiece® insurance from Bruce Gendelman Company offers you broader, more responsive coverage, with provisions you won’t find in generic policies.  The service you receive with a Masterpiece® policy is more knowledgeable, from appraisals to claims handling.  As you will see from the offerings below, Masterpiece not long helps protect the things you treasure most; Masterpiece® also covers the people who are most precious to you.

Masterpiece® Insurance Policy Offerings:

Masterpiece ® Family Protection Insurance helps cover your expenses if you or a family member is a victim of home invasion, child abduction, carjacking, stalking, road rage, and even hijacking.  Benefits include accidental death and dismember benefits in some states, and changes needed to your home and your vehicle after a permanent injury sustained from one of these events.